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Well why wouldn’t I post this on the interweb

"We are always waiting for something. For it to be the weekend, to be finished with school, till summer, till we are 18. We are always god damn waiting and what’s sad is we miss every beautiful moment in the ‘present’ because we spend our whole lives waiting for tomorrow and for the future. We end up skipping our whole lives and one day we will spend our last day waiting on a tomorrow that will never come."

"She paints a pretty picture
But this story has a twist
The paint brush was a razor
The canvas was her wrist
She paints her pretty picture
In a colour that’s bright red
While using her sharp paint brush
She ends up finally dead
Her pretty picture’s fading
Quite slowly on her arm
The blood is not racing through her
She can no longer do harm
She painted her pretty picture
But her picture had a twist
You see her mind was her razor
And her heart was her wrist"